About Us


Our journey started as L & L Wax Company in September 2019. Two sisters with a real passion for home fragrance. After months of research and lots of designing and planning, we finally found our perfect design that we'd been dreaming of.

With both of us still in our usual jobs, we focused all of our free time on creating and testing our wax. After lots of trail and error we'd finally found the perfect recipe! From boxes to stickers our brand was coming together piece by piece. 

Starting out with only a handful of our favorite fragrances to offer, we set up our social media accounts and opened up our little shop on an online market place. Before we knew it, we had orders flying out and had no other choice but to pursue our passion full time, and what better way to start our journey than our first Christmas stall. We couldn't believe the response we got from our products, our very first stall was a sell out! Everyone loved our products just as much as we did!


All of our wax melts are made using a high quality soy wax. We always pour in small batches to ensure the highest quality every time and pride ourselves in using only the best fragrance oils. We test every  batch of wax we make to ensure we are 100% happy with the outcome. Meaning you get the best every time! 

We strive to find the most compatible packaging for our wax melts that we can, whilst also being environmentally friendly. Which means all of our packaging is plastic free, recyclable and/or biodegradable!!

Our business is expanding...